Scientific way to keep love, 100% GUARANTEE

Psychologist Arthur Aron showed that “to spend more time together”, as advised by most psychologists, is almost useless. Instead, he found another revolutionary and trouble-free way to never “fall out of love”.

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My Fav Spring Cleanse

As the weather outside is melting the snow and my heart, each and every one of us, ladies, is peeling off the winter layers and tries to estimate the damage over past 3 months. I’m no different. Even when our Men love us the way we are (and a separate “Thanks” to them for being like that), there’s always those “couple of pounds” that everyone is looking forward to getting rid of… Right?

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10 lessons I’ve learned. Contemplation before B-day.

Today I was reading about the fact that the month before person’s Birthday is the most difficult as subconsciously we tend to analyze the year that has passed and even get depressed before the Big day. Having a Birthday at the end of this month, I could apparently legitimately drown in sorrow, but I decided to use this time and opportunity to reflect on the life lessons I got so far. Continue reading 10 lessons I’ve learned. Contemplation before B-day.

8 ways to set the boundaries with your child

Why am I writing about setting the boundaries so much? To be honest, one cannot overestimate the role of the limits in the life of the child and a future adult as the results will be carried throughout the whole lifespan.

In my first blog post on the topic – The Power of Limits, I was discussing WHY we need to establish limits for the kids, mentioning 6 major and very important reasons. The article found a generous feedback from my readers and subscribers, which proves again how important this topic is.

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Comparing parenting traditions in Europe vs. America

It is with great pleasure I am introducing Iryna’s blog Lavender and Macarons. She has an amazing series of articles discussing the French style of upbringing a child.

We thought it would be great to look into different traditions of raising children and compare the Old and the New World in terms of parenting.

Read the article PARENTING IN EUROPE VS. AMERICA: GUEST POST and let us know what you think.

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6 proven tips for weight loss from my own experience.

As I was saying in one of my recent posts about motivation , I am watching my weight and what I eat every single day since I was 14. I tried different diets and fancy systems. Even though I have a favourite 5-weeks nutrition plan for cleansing that I implement every spring (because it makes me feel SO amazing), I am at the stage when I just want to choose the method that would work for me every day and will eliminate hassle.

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Books & Thoughts

I have to confess that there is one more reason to my frustrating week with the lack of sleep. It’s also because of this guy: “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins.


So in between everything I managed to read this book in 3 days. I just couldn’t stop myself from reading… It’s a very exciting thriller, very well and smartly written. And it definitely provoked some thinking about literature, adultery, and relationships. Continue reading Books & Thoughts

A little bit about my life.

I love the system and I love routine. Over the last few weeks, I found myself trying to make my presence online way more than I would like to. I mean, the modern world is all about it and I get it, but it was frustrating two weeks.

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Love brings Love. One more tip for your relationship.

This Sunday we went for breakfast with my Man to one of our favourite places. While waiting for food and enjoying our meal, we were having an amazing conversation about everything in the world… A big part of it was a discussion about our past, since the day we met; how everything developed into what we have right now. It has been discussed so many times before, but yesterday I realized one thing – how important those talks are


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Moving away from home. Lessons learned and tips to cope.

It was one of the most heartbreaking moments in my life – in the Aiport. Holding a one-way ticket to a totally different life, I was saying my goodbyes to the people that I knew I might not see ever again. Everything in that turned out to be even worse than I thought at that moment, but I’ll leave it to another heartbreaking post.

I know I am not the only one. And there will be even more people doing it as well, due to the whole mobility aspect of the modern world – people want to live where they belong and it is finally not that difficult. So I decided to sum up things that I learned as a person who left the previous life behind and to share some tips for those who is going to make a big move or going through it right now.

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